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i like it

its a start of a great series i can see it being something great i hope this goes well, i'll be waiting for your next work

oh shit

it looks like a plot from megamind

just a ?

did anyone watch through the ending and past the credits that furrie scared the living shit out of me i hate those. "ah its the end oh wait theres mo-WHAT THE FUCK" anyway funny stuff you have a good way to get people hooked but next time...no furries.

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i saved me and my kid i'm not shure if thats the best ending but hey better than having both of them die by that dicked coworker

shoot the sun

and he fucking freaks out

dude i loved it

dude this game was awesome.(heres a tip do not play this game useing a mouse pad on a laptop)

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very slow and moving keep it up, also what program do you us i lost mine when i wiped my computer

MasterCoyle responds:

do you read music? if so i can link you the software, if not then its useless :|. I hear FL studio is good though if you dont read music


dude this is mad sick. this needs a movie with the song. and i give YOU mad props

Musical-Pants responds:

Aw, you are too kind. Thanks bro! I actually had the idea for this song while watching a House marathon over christmas. I frikkin love that guy.

Sounds like I heard this somewere else, but props

I keep thinking that I heard this before, Can you tell me why? I'f not, then I'll give you my review. The music was great, everthing was put togther Beautifuly put togather Amd I have stuck in my head asshole LOL. But ............. Nothing I have nothing bad to say. I really hope you win the contest. Good luck. Oh what you don't need luck. :)

FairSquare responds:

Hmm, the only reason i can think of that that's because of the chord progression, which isn't really original.
But what is this contest you are speaking of? I can't remember joining one with this song..
Well, thanks for the review! :-)

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i agree with the gut below me

i was like this is going to be awesome then you scroll down just a little bit thinking your going to see somthing nice then that shit pops up and scared the fucking shit out of me. well great work i loved half of it and i hope to see more pics from you but not at all like that was i mean that was like seeing your mom naked (thank god i didnt) it aint prety and it will scare you for life. thanks for half of it.


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