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i like it

its a start of a great series i can see it being something great i hope this goes well, i'll be waiting for your next work

oh shit

it looks like a plot from megamind

just a ?

did anyone watch through the ending and past the credits that furrie scared the living shit out of me i hate those. "ah its the end oh wait theres mo-WHAT THE FUCK" anyway funny stuff you have a good way to get people hooked but next time...no furries.


i like this alot dude make more, but to me this more like a preview. so that means that you need to make another one (i'm not demanding) you dont need to improve much proble make the fight seans longer and a couple grunts and grouns.

ChaddyFantome responds:

Don't worry!
I plan on making more!
Just working out more character backgrounds/development stuff, making custom sprites etc...
Ill have the 1st episode up as soon as possible.=)

loved it

i love sprites you need to make more next time you shold see hows the best in peach castle.

Matija27 responds:

That is not a bad idea, I might do one in the castle one day :)

its all right

its kind of funny in a sick way. but however it needs sound and it needs a plot and it needs to be longer.

good o sprites

its good to see some sprite flashes but you need to add a preloader and you need to make it longer

what was this

this movie was pointless and in no way had it have to do with clock day

PolyhedronClock responds:

oh fuck it appears i am six months early thanks for the heads up.

god died

bye PELVIUS THRUST OF DEATH haha this was really funny and i think you the charcters face look bad because there was times were he looked badass like when he turned super sayen. man i love this flash keep this up


salad fingers is freking...weird. what is he exaclty? is he a alien? a disfigured man or woman? or somthing different all togther? well anyway this was a great series love the art work and the way you make even the most comen household items as creepy as creepy can get. keep it up. :)


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